Great ideas need to be presented in the best light.
Slide Bureau

Slide Bureau provides a bright beautiful spotlight for your best ideas.

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Slide Bureau is a state-of-the-art
presentation creation and sharing service.
Slide Bureau
Slide Bureau is the voice of the business champion.
Customer 1
"This puts me miles ahead of my other colleagues..."
Olga Dyckman, Real Estate Brokere
Customer 2
"It's great when you have a tool...that lets you take what's in your mind and it put it at your student's fingertips."
- Pamela Grossman, Third Grade Teacher
Customer 3
"If I can do this, anyone can do this."
- Don Schulze, Restaurant Owner
Slide Templates made for my job.
Slide Bureau is launching with specialty templates for Realtors, Teachers, and Restaurateurs. Each month the design team at the Slide Bureau will add more slides for more professions. No more adapting generic slide templates to meet your needs or paying expensive slide designers to make the templates you need.VIEW TEMPLATES
Slide templates with live data
from internet services I rely on.
No more cumbersome screenshots or copying and pasting data into your presentations. Our interactive templates talk directly to services like Google Maps, Financial Services and Twitter.
A template boutique with hundreds of
stunning slides to choose from.
We are your professional art department. Our designers
are constantly adding stunning templates.
Present to audiences anywhere
in any web browser on any device.
No more fumbling with cables. No more paying for screen sharing. Share your presentation across the web or across the conference room table. You can even drive your presentation remotely from your tablet.
Create your presentations on your iPad.
Create your presentations in a tool developed
for the tablet from the ground up.
The first 10,000 customers to create, publish and share a presentation with The Slide Bureau will receive free one-year subscriptions to our serivce.
That’s normally $99 a year!
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